The DLANC Sustainability Committee meets on the First Tuesday of every month at the Central Public Library.
Our committee chairs host office hours and neighborhood stakeholders gather for project workshops
to help advance several community-driven initiatives - for Downtown Los Angeles.

What is your vision for a more livable, affordable and efficient neighborhood?

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Sustainability Committee Structure & Project Teams

Committee Chairs: Establish overall committee agenda in response to stakeholder input. Support project leads and project teams by establishing partnerships with business, non-profit and government. Develop templates and tools for project management; provide review of project and performance feedback; assist outreach and identifying advocacy opportunities. Advise on individual project scope and approach to ensure equal representation of downtown stakeholders.
• Ashley Zarella, Chair
• Jennifer Regan, Nominated Public Vice Chair
As committee chairs, Jennifer and Ashley will each oversee four of the eight projects. Our committee meetings will provide an opportunity for ongoing public review of each project.

Project Leads: Serve as project point of contact for both project team and committee co-chairs. Document project activity and update Sustainability Committee on progress. Monitor team timeline and goal achievement.

Project Teams: Identify scope of project and project timeline. Shape education, outreach and advocacy components for each project. Determine measures of success for project and document progress. At conclusion of project or event, Project Team will be expected to create a summary of shortcomings, successes and future recommendations.

For more information on our 2009 Projects, follow this link.