The DLANC Sustainability Committee meets on the First Tuesday of every month at the Central Public Library.
Our committee chairs host office hours and neighborhood stakeholders gather for project workshops
to help advance several community-driven initiatives - for Downtown Los Angeles.

What is your vision for a more livable, affordable and efficient neighborhood?

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2009 Project 5: Online Toolkit of Existing Resources

Research and identify existing resources available to businesses and residents downtown that will help them meet sustainability goals as defined in our mission statement (livability, efficiency, affordability). (J. Regan)

EDUCATION: Downtown stakeholders on existing resources and "tools" to connect them to sustainability on the levels of the individual, the building, and city block (i.e. multiple scales). Develop a platform that can be used with the forthcoming Sustainability Committee website that will establish the Sustainability Committee as a resource for this information.

OUTREACH: Partner with other Sustainability Committee projects (see below) to help coordinate the collection of information in specific areas of interest. Develop relationship with third parties who will send content update directly to Sustainability committee website making this site a credible access point to the Downtown community. Create a system for ongoing maintenance and update of this information as well as a network of contacts that will help maintain this resource for our community. Work closely with the Project 3 Team to highlight cost savings programs on online tool.

ADVOCACY: Survey downtown stakeholders (residents, business owners, employees, etc.) about their current awareness level on existing programs and their perceived focus points.

Project Lead: Ryan Saucerman