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THANK YOU DOWNTOWN! Tree Planting Day was a success with more than 30 trees & 65 volunteers

The Sustainability Committee in partnership with the Los Angeles Conservation Corps and Million Trees LA planted 31 trees on Saturday, October 24 along South Alameda. This is Phase I of our Skid Row Tree Planting Project and thank you to the many community volunteers and partners who made this great event happen! Check out some of our pictures from the event.

Thank you to Daryl Rolen, Evelyn Martinez, David Estrada, Rocio Diaz, Jonathan Diaz, James W. Stewart, Chavez Gregory, Rocky Brooks, Lynn J. Bell, Sparkle Woodson, Humphrey Jones, Brian Beasley, Nathan Russell, Michael Jackson, Travis Seaward, Melody Man, Robert Phillips, Felicia Marie Perry, Josh Rohmer, Marcela Jacome, Erika Logie, Samuel Steven Randle V, Tyronza Smith, Jemal Power, Kristy Angel, Paul Zawacki, India Brookover, Karl "Doc" Maryland, Ernest Melendrez, Daveed Kapoor, General Jeff, Tanner Blackman, May Iev, Janet McGregor, Jocelyn Movido, Nancy K. Martin, Rey Martin, Brian Mitchell, Ryan McGregor, Kenny Daigre, Patty Hernandez, Arlonda Grant, Anthony Ortega, Emily Hernandez, Kaleigh Bancroft, Eldetra Grant, Stephanie Hernandez, Charles Huang, Brooke Daniels, Armando Hernandez, Ken Lesley, Vincent P. Meyer III, Charlie Lofthouse, Christopher Silva Cruz, Julio Dunn, Eddie Danie, Robert Anderson, Jeremy Parks, Chas A. San Nicolas, Femila Ervin, Nathalynn Ervin, Jasmine Brown, George Selman, Wendell Blessingame and Sustainability Committee Project Lead Gunnar Hand, AICP for all of their hard work and community spirit!

Thank you to the Los Angeles Conservation Corps, especially Meghan Shearer, for their great work and support throughout this entire process - we're thrilled to have new trees for Downtown! Thank you to India Brookover, community volunteer and photographer, who also gave her time on Saturday morning to help us document the day!