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Phase I: Alameda Corridor Planting Tree Species

We will be planting Fern Pine Trees – Podocarpus macrophylla – evergreen trees that do not bloom or bare fruit.

We will provide structural pruning prior to planting the trees – removing any damaged or crossing limbs. Pruning before they go in the ground will ensure the long-term structure of the tree and avoid the need to prune again in the first five years. However, if limbs are damaged or broken after planting, then maintenance includes the removal.

Watering will occur approximately twice per month with additional visits in the summer and less during the rainy winter months.

Maintenance also includes the addition of mulch and creation of tree berms to keep water in the well and providing nutrients to the trees. As needed, additional fertilizer will be added.

Finally, the tree stakes and ties may require attention in re-staking and re-tying as well as complete removal after three to five years, depending on the tree size.

Let me know if you need any other questions answered.

Meghan Shearer, Los Angeles Conservation Corps