The DLANC Sustainability Committee meets on the First Tuesday of every month at the Central Public Library.
Our committee chairs host office hours and neighborhood stakeholders gather for project workshops
to help advance several community-driven initiatives - for Downtown Los Angeles.

What is your vision for a more livable, affordable and efficient neighborhood?

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Sustainability Committee Chair presents on panel at Bioneers Beaming Conference: Sustainable Communities

Join us at the Downtown Independent for a panel discussion on sustainable communities - starting at 2:45pm.


CHARLES EISENSTEIN :: The Ascent of Humanity
Charles Eisenstein is a healer, traveler, teacher, writer, integrated holistic visionary and evolutionary proactivist. His recent book 'The Ascent of Humanity' identifies the core of the perceived human challenge: separation. Eisenstein challenges us to collectively create a new evolutionary path, acting from the heart and mind on behalf of future generations, now.

LARRY SANTOYO, EarthFlow Design Works :: Permaculture for Humanity
Larry Santoyo is an artist, land use planner and green business consultant. He is among the most experienced Permaculture Designers and Educators in the US and has taught environmental design at colleges and universities nationwide, including UC Berkeley and California State Polytechnic University. Larry is Director of EarthFlow Design Works, a community planning and design firm that integrates economic development strategies with ecological systems management.

ASHLEY ZARELLA HAND, LEED AP, ASSOC AIA :: Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Sustainability Committee
The Sustainability Committee of the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council is dedicated to empowering the Downtown community to create a culture of sustainability. We will work with the community to increase accessibility to existing programs and services through outreach and public education. We will identify and create opportunities for new programming and partnerships to meet our goals for a more livable, affordable, and efficient urban center.

Dr. Clark, a long-time advocate for the environment, is an author, lecturer and advisor specializing in renewable energy and sustainable communities. In 2007, Dr. Clark received a Nobel Peace Prize, along with his colleagues of United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, for his work as the first Research Director for the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, establishing the economic and technical basis for renewable energy technologies to be commercialized in developing nations. In 2004, he founded Clark Strategic Partners, a consulting firm using his political-economic expertise in order to guide and advise clients on how to implement sustainable development. Prior to launching Clark Strategic Partners, Dr. Clark was Senior Advisor on Renewable Energy, Emerging Technologies, and Finance to California Governor Gray Davis from 2000 to 2003.

5:30pm - 7:30pm :: COCKTAIL RECEPTION Hosted by: Green Drinks

Delectable Sound Selections provided by DJ JUN
7:30pm - 11:30pm :: HIGHLIGHTS + FILM

"WHAT ABOUT ME?" :: Directed by Jamie Catto and Duncan Bridgeman
Q&A with Duncan Bridgeman after the Film
Following the success of their first double Grammy nominated film & album "What About Me?" is the latest offering from 1Giant Leap. This visionary project took Jamie Catto and Duncan Bridgeman to over 50 locations as they explore through music, the complexities of human nature on a global scale. The film aims to reveal how we are all connected through creativity and beliefs, but most of all through our collective insanity.