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Harlem Place Project - Integrating Small-Scale Urban Greenspace into Downtown

Masters students from the UC-Santa Barbara Bren School of Environmental Science & Management have taken on a research project focusing on the environmental advantages of transforming our "interstitial" spaces into more livable open space. The team is using Harlem Place as a pilot and will begin working full-time in Fall 2009 to analyze the potential of this space. In late 2009, the Sustainability Committee began surveying the neighborhood and the students met with members of the community to better understand how Harlem Place is currently used, what the neighborhood concerns and ambitions were for green space, and the potential function of a green alley for Downtown.

Then in January 2010, the students partnered with AECOM to create a few physical scenarios to help us better understand what the potential benefits are of using this space more sustainably and some of these visuals will be presented to the community to provide some "food-for-thought" as to what a Green Alley can really look like.

Join us Monday, May 3, 2010 at 7:00pm at Lost Soul's Cafe for a community presentation of the research and "tool" the Bren graduate student team has developed to help Downtown Los Angeles become a more sustainable neighborhood.

We want to know what you think about urban greenspace and Harlem Place. Complete this survey today! If you are interested in helping us gather information or community feedback, please contact us at

For more information, including their project proposal, please check out their website:

Meeting Agendas:
1. 2009.10.18 Post-Summer Regroup at NC Office
2. Harlem Place Project Community Meeting