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Harlem Place Project - Integrating Small-Scale Urban Greenspace into Downtown

On Monday, May 3 the UC-Santa Barbara Bren School of Environmental Science & Management graduate student team will present the results of their investigation of the impacts of “greening” small-scale open space to the community.

What are green alleys? What do they look like?
The Bren team has developed a few scenarios, with Harlem Place as a model, to help the community visualize how transformative a green alley can be. Other great cities such as Chicago have green alley programs that have truly redefined what these in-between spaces can be - what would a green alley look like in Downtown Los Angeles?

What are the benefits of green alleys? How does it improve our environment?
The Bren team has designed a calculator tool to give us more information about making even the smallest changes to these spaces - giving us real data to analyze the benefit of green alleys. How does a green alley improve stormwater and air quality? Can it really help us reduce our heat island effect? How cost-effective is it really to make these changes?

Community Presentation & Conversation
Monday, May 3, 2010 starting at 7:00pm
Lost Souls’ CafĂ© (124 W. 4th Street, off of Harlem Place)

For more information on this project, check out the student project website by clicking here. A very special thank you to Lost Soul's Cafe and Michael Ferguson of The Loft Exchange for their help and support of this event.