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to help advance several community-driven initiatives - for Downtown Los Angeles.

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AIA SDAT visit to start this Wednesday

After many months of anticipation, the AIA SDAT (Sustainable Design Assessment Team) arrives this Wednesday for a three day visit and study of our neighborhood. In November 2008, the Sustainability Committee of the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council successfully applied to the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Center for Communities by Design SDAT Grant - which provides our community with more than $15,000 in resources and professional expertise from across the nation to help us meet our goals for a more sustainable urban environment.

Since its inception, the Sustainability Committee has been working towards the development of a community greening strategy and resource toolkit to help our stakeholders make more sustainable choices where they live, work and play. This grant will provide us with the professional expertise we need to make a comprehensive plan for our Neighborhood Council to implement in the coming years - with the help of our community partners and stakeholders. With an additional focus on creating a transferable plan, the SDAT will provide us with a resource we hope to share with other NCs across the city for a truly grassroots approach and solution to sustainability in Los Angeles.

In addition to tracking our progress over the course of the three day visit, click below to learn more about our project, goals, itinerary, and how you can get involved.
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SDAT Project Goals and Objectives

SDAT National Team
SDAT Steering Committee

SDAT Visit Agenda Day 1: Wednesday, December 2
10:00AM SDAT Neighborhood Tour
4:00PM SDAT Steering Committee Meeting - Central Public Library Meeting Room A
5:30-7:00PM Community Mixer at Ciudad - Come meet the team!

SDAT Visit Agenda Day 2: Thursday, December 3 - The Standard
10:00AM Working Group/Stakeholder Meeting 1: Downtown Business Improvement Strategies & Redevelopment
11:30AM Working Group/Stakeholder Meeting 2: Streetscape, Open Space, Placemaking & Transportation
2:00PM Working Group/Stakeholder Meeting 3: Housing & Neighborhood Amenities
3:30PM Working Group/Stakeholder Meeting 4: Neighborhood Governance & Community Leadership
7:00PM Live Working Group - public invited to view

SDAT Visit Agenda Day 3: Friday, December 4
6:00PM Public Presentation of Preliminary SDAT Report