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AIA SDAT Preliminary Visit - A whirlwind success

On September 10 and 11, 2009, the AIA National team had a preliminary visit to Downtown Los Angeles. Guided by local residents and sustainability committee members, they visited historic city hall and the civic center, the industrial and fashion districts, the LA River, skid row, and took tours of LA Live and new green buildings.

On the first day of their visit the AIA staffers and Project Lead Walter Sedovic, AIA got a whirlwind tour on foot of South Park, Bunker Hill, theaters on Broadway, the new LAPD building, and Skid Row - including the Skid Row Housing Trust Rainbow Apartments. Board member Michael Delijani generously hosted a lunch for the team at the historic Los Angeles Theater. Later, the team was treated to a home-cooked dinner by a Sustainability Committee member and Downtown resident Dawna Nolan and then enjoyed Downtown’s nightlife at Art Walk.

On the second day of the visit the AIA staff met with the Los Angeles Department of Neighborhood Empowerment to discuss the project. They next took a drive to the Los Angeles River, explored the riverbed, and toured the Arts District. A lunch was provided courtesy of Gilmore Associates. For an interactive map depicting the locations visited, please click here.

Based on their preliminary observations, the SDAT project team leader will now put together a full team of experts to visit Los Angeles on December 2-4.