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Considerations for a green office space

The Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council has recently opened an administrative office in the Spring Arts Tower and the Sustainability Committee is considering contributing to the "greening" of this office.

The room is a small office for approximately two people at a time and should be adaptable into a small meeting space. This is not an outreach office per se and the Neighborhood Council aspires to have a storefront community center in the future. Therefore, all improvements should be temporary and reusable.

Our meeting on Monday is to determine if the Sustainability Committee should fund and organize this retrofit to make the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council office more sustainable. If you cannot attend, please leave your thoughts in the comments - I will consider your vote in abstentia.

Below are some considerations for the office space. I will be speaking with one of the office volunteers tomorrow to determine other needs.

Storage: We need to store Neighborhood Council files, outreach materials including a banner, and other supplies. There is a tall file cabinet in the office and two desks with drawers but additional storage space would be helpful.

Seating: There is just enough for the desks and a visitor. More seating is required to support small meetings (6 people).

Desks: Two have been donated by Russell Chan, Director, Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council.

Meeting Table: There is no meeting table.

Walls: Bare and white. It would be great to develop a system for posting outreach information for the Neighborhood Council that could easily be moved into a new space.